· A multi-talented and internationally recognised visual artist
· Experience in the film industry acquired on 13 films, professional accolades
· Showreel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YEOgmzso9g
· IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1461373/?ref_=nv_sr_2



Strong Artistic Vision and Language

• A sought-after and collected artist
• Creation of stand-alone visual universes
• Instrumental in visually shaping complex personae

• 9-film series ‘Tsar Alexander II’
o    Led a 12-strong costume department, designing 500 costumes for 50 actors and up to 400 extras

• ‘Giselle’s Mania’
o Experience of international sets ( Moscow, St.Petersburg, London, Paris, Kiev)
o Continuity over a long historical period (1910s to 1950s)

• ‘Koma’
o Handling of harsh climatic conditions (Arctic) and real prisoners as actors



Set and Costume Designer

2012               “Burn” Paul Lancaster, London
2005-06        ‘Red Pearls of Love’, contemporary drama by director Andres Puustusmaa, sets in Moscow/Kiev/Helsinki, Filmocom
2004-05        ‘Chertogon’, 19th c. drama by director Andrei Zhelezniakov, after the short story by Nikolay Leskov, Nikola-film


Chief Costume Designer

2003              ‘Russian Trophy’, a 5-part film art project by artists O&A Florensky, St Petersburg
2002              ’Tsar Alexander II”, a period costume drama in 9 films, TNT TV/Nikola-film
2001              ‘In Motion’, contemporary drama by director Philipp Yankosvki, Slovo Studios, 2 Nika Awards and Nominations
2001             ‘Diary of a Kamikaze’, by director Dmitrii Meskhiev, Slovo/Lenfilm
2000            ‘The Wild One’, a 19th c. drama by director Urii Pavlov, Mosfilm/Lenfilm
1998             ‘National Politik’, a comedy by director Dmitrii Meskhiev, Lenfilm
1995             ‘Female Estate’, a modern drama by director Dmitrii Meskhiev, Lenfilm
1994             ‘Giselle’s Mania’, a biographical story by director Alexei Uchitel about the Russian ballerina Olga Spesivtseva aka Red Giselle, Lenfilm, numerous awards

OTHER (selection)

Artistic Designer

2018             Commissioned by Imperial Porcelain Factory St.Petersburg, Russia
2016-17       Commissioned by Vista Alegre, Portugal:
1996            ‘Imperial Russian Christmas’ for 5 windows, Selfridges, London
1995             Russian New Year Ball, Chelsea Art Club, London
Assistant to Chief Production Designer, Mariinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg

Book Illustrator

2016           “Muse, étrangère, Anthologie”, poetic de’l Europe francaise (XVIII c), published by Editions Eoliennes, Paris and Solivagus-Verlag, Kiel
2004          Publisher and illustrator of ‘Martov’, a book by Leonid Shubin
2003          Collection of artist books, Munich
1999          ‘Philip’s Twins’, children’s book by Kitty Leibovitch, London
1996          ‘Love of Three Oranges’ , Sergei Prokofiev, Orchard Books, London
1994          “The Drummer, the Clown and the Dancing Doll”, Orchard Books, London

Solo Exhibitions

2017         “Messengers”, Reykjavik, Iceland
2013         “My Chocolate Box”, London
2004        ‘Art Deco’ at the ‘In The Spirit of Russia’ Ball, London
2000         Heifer Gallery at Covent Garden Opera Festival, London
1999          Art Centre ‘A-Я’, St Petersburg
1994-97    Music Theatre Gallery, Chelsea and Glyndebourne Opera House, U.K.
1992-97    Zella Gallery, Chelsea, London

Public Collections:
2001 British Library



2018        German Design Award Special Mention for series of porcelain vases “Mariinsky”

1997         Young Generation Nika Award for Best Costume Design of ‘Giselle’s Mania’, Moscow
1996         Nika Award Nomination for Best Costume Design of ‘Giselle’s Mania’, Moscow

Member of The Russian Union of Cinematographers and of The Russian Union of Artists
Trained at the Stieglitz Academy of Design and Applied Arts, Saint Petersburg