• 9-film series ‘Tsar Alexander II’
Led a 12-strong costume department, designing 500 costumes for 50 actors and up to 400 extras

• ‘Giselle’s Mania’
Experience of international sets ( Moscow, St.Petersburg, London, Paris, Kiev)
Continuity over a long historical periodft;”>· A multi-talented and internationally recognised visual artist
· Experience in the film industry acquired on 13 films, professional accolades

SHOWREEL FILMOGRAPHYStrong Artistic Vision and Language

• A sought-after and collected artist
• Creation of stand-alone visual universes
• Instrumental in visually shaping complex personae

• ‘Koma’
Handling of harsh climatic conditions (Arctic) and real prisoners as actors


Chief Costume Designer

2003            ‘Russian Trophy’, a 5-part film art project by artists O&A Florensky, St Petersburg
2002            ’Tsar Alexander II”, a period costume drama in 9 films, TNT TV/Nikola-film
2001             ‘In Motion’, contemporary draeft;”>Set and Costume Designer

2012               “Burn” Paul Lancaster, London
2005-06        ‘Red Pearls of Love’, contemporary drama by director Philipp Yankosvki, Slovo Studios, 2 Nika Awards and Nominations
2001             ‘Diary of a Kamikaze’, by director abosky.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/GDA19_GB.png” alt=”” width=”314″ height=”190″ />

2000            ‘The Wild One’, a 19th c. h4 style=”text-alrama by director Urii Pavlov, Mosfilm/Lenfilm
1998             ‘National Politik’, a comedy by director Dmitrii Meskhiev, Lenfilm
1995             ‘Female Estate’, a modern drama by director Dmitrii Meskhiev, Lenfilm
1994             ‘Giselle’s Mania’, a biographical story by director Alexei Uchitel about the Russian ballerina Olga Spesivtseva aka Red Giselle, Lenfilm, numerous awards